August 2010 – Build Update

No track days in August, a) it’s been very hot here, b) my car spent most of the month at RRT Racing.

The goal for August was to get the car built prepared in NASA GTS3 race trim (sans some minor race required/specific items like fire system, kill switch & window nets). This included an aFe Intake, SuperSprint Headers, a customer RRT Racing single exhaust, Shark Flash (to re-tune the car for the bolt-ons and 93 Octane guel, raise the rev limiter a bit, and disable the rear O2 sensors to work w/out catalytic converters).

SuperSprint Headers

In addition the AST5100 single adjustable suspension was upgraded to AST5200 double adjustables, added front and rear Ground Control Adjustable Race Sway Bars, a custom racing differential built by Dan from DiffsOnline, AIM EVO4 CAN bus data logging and MyCron3 display.

Ground Control Rear Sway Bar

To top it all off the first phase of an aero package including an Aeromotions R2.static wing and custom front splitter.

Wing (Pre-Mounting)

Wing In-trunk Mounting Brackets (the wing is so solid you can literally push the car around by the uprights)

Front Splitter

Gregory Mark one of the engineers responsible for designing the Aeromotions wing flew down from Cambridge, MA to assist us in tuning the wing and determining the maximum angle of attack before stall. He taped short pieces of yarn under the wing, attached his portable USB camera and watched as we drove the car up and down the street, adjusting the angle of the wing.

Preparing for initial wing stall angle testing


Spring 2010 – Facelift

Both cars went to visit Fuzzy @ Norton Sign in Purcellville, they are home now with their completed facelifts. Just need to add driver names on the windows and racing class specs on the doors around the numbers.

Black M3 – Front

Black M3 – Rear

Silver M3 – Front

Silver M3 – Rear

Together at Home

Pics from 6Speed Online Meet

2009/2010 Winter Season – GoPro HD

A couple other goodies that came too late to be used during the 2009 season. GoPro released an HD version of their camera. Picked up two of these and added the roll bar mounts.

Camera with Various Mounts

Additional RollCage Mounting Hardware

Got to take the cameras for a test run at Dayton in January, mounted two of them in the RRT Racing Grand-Am Continental Tire Series #18 E90 BMW. Freaking awesome!!! πŸ™‚

2009/2010 Winter Season – Vinyl

Between visits to the shop while I couldn’t be working on the car itself I started searching the interwebs for color scheme ideas. Lots of white race cars, not so many black ones…

Here are my initial final mock-ups ready to be sent to Norton Sign. Hopefully good enough to give Fuzzy what he need for a complete design. Yes, Fuzzy Norton is the owner of Fuzzy Sign, he is Bruce Norton’s (who works at RRT Racing) brother.



no that isn’t my EU plate/rear, I didn’t have a good rear pic of my car to use for mock up

you can stop laughing at my weak photoshop skillz now πŸ˜‰

2009/2010 Winter Season – Feb – Build Update II

A couple updates for a Feb end of the month. Got a set of the 275x35x18 Toyo R888 scrubs mounted up on the new ARC8 wheels.

Couldn’t fit my finger between the tire and the front spring and was afraid of the tire rubbing the spring when cornering forces were in affect so I ordered a set of 5mm spacers from Bimmerworld for the fronts.

5mm spacers

To make wheel/tire changes easier and quicker I also got a set of 75mm Bulletnose wheel studs and nuts (in black).

75mm Bulletnose Wheel Studs & Nuts

A few pics of the car in the shop with wheels mounted, no negative camber added yet, will start with at least 3 degrees in the front and 1.5 – 1.8 degrees in the rear. In these pictures the rears have a 12mm spacer just to push the wheel out for cosmetic purposes in the pics. If I want to run the 12mm spacers for a wider track we will need to do some fender rolling.

Pop’d the black & white center caps into the wheels as well (which match the black & white roundels I added to the car in 2009).

Wheels, Studs & CenterCaps
Front Wheel

Rear Wheel

Also had time Wednesday night to test fit the driver seat & harness and prepare for installing the harness mounting hardware.

2009/2010 Winter Season – Feb – Build Update

I had been wavering between doing a simple 4pt rear only cage or full blown 8pt.

After several long discussions with Barry from RRTRacing, I decided to go with the 8pt cage, do it once and get it over with.

Step 1 was to gut the interior and measure for the cage:

Then weld in mounting plates, you don’t want your cage pipe punching through the chassis!

Test fit

finally weld in and paint

2009/2010 Winter Season – Jan – Build Update

The BMW chassis has been prone to cracking front and rear subframes (search BMW subframe class action). Knowing the chassis was going to be exposed to higher forces than a stock car on the street I made these a priority.

Without reinforcement plates you could end up with cracks in your subframe

or worse it could tear out completely like this poor souls did

Here are the subframe re-enforcement kit components from Turner Motorsports



and here they are welded into place. RRT Racing did the work, beautiful!