Sept3-5 – VIR – PCA

Mary writes:
VIR……I couldn’t wait for this event!

I have only run this track 2 other times- 1st time in Nov when I was still quite “green” and the 2nd time was Zone 2 over my Bday weekend in June when we jumped in after Watkins was cancelled.

Kyle reminds me that my best time on this track is only 2:25- that is with all stock. Interior/Exterior-street tires included. The weather in June was dreadfully hot- forecast is cooler now and I have upgraded to Kyle’s old AST5100 suspension and new H&R front sway bar (noticed a big difference). I just want to go fast and do better than the last time!

1st day out- easily drop to 2:23 my 1st session out….I’m thinking-no problem- I think I can drop lots of seconds. 2nd and 3rd session- nope- doesn’t happen. Now I am very frustrated. I realize that if I can do a passenger ride, this will clearly help me see what the best line is that I should drive. I confirm that John Sullivan is going to drive my car to show me what it can do on Sat morning.

John driving #67 as we watch Kyle disappear after he wizzed by us!

John drives- he says he likes everything- the transmission is great, the brakes are awesome, but wtf with the tires-he is sliding like I was around each turn and suggests that’s the problem.

Kyle takes my car out for a few laps and agrees-too much sliding- he only made it to 2:22.

Then I switch to Kyle’s used Conti Scrubs…oh my…now I drop to 2:19! And the car looks so good with the black wheels! I think I need to get a set!

Now I am feeling like I can compete in my group. By the last day, last session- I manage to hit 2:18. A very successful FUN weekend!

As pix will show- Sally Herod and I had great fun chasing up the Ess’s. She kicked my butt- but look forward to the next time.

And as always, Rob Talastas ALWAYS makes every event a great time with along with friends

Thanks to Paul Z for arriving early enough to grab our awesome spot, and cool to hang again with Tomasz, and of course meeting Dejan. Lastly, hanging out for happing hour with the entire Miata crew.

The only thing that I missed was taking Alan Herod out with me as being one of his “star students” as he describes- hopefully I can make him proud!

Here I am winning my DE session and getting the checkered flag at the famous Oak Tree turn!

Kyle’s car is wicked fast and looked so awesome out there! It was cool to see him doing so well!