June19-20 – Summit Point Main – Hyperfest w/NASA

After having problems with the transmission coming out of gear on Friday, I continued to try and identify what the problem was. Late Friday night Wayne from RRT Racing came out to the track with his son to help troubleshoot – which was fantastic. We talked through all the troubleshooting I had already done and verified I logically isolated the variables before moving on to the next potential. No luck fixing the car Friday night but we identified that the Fuel Pump Relay was toast.

Saturday Phil from RRT Racing had planned to bring his car out to Hyperfest and was kind enough to swing by BMW of Sterling and pick up replacement Fuel Pump Relay after Wayne and I had verified mine was toast by swapping it with the #67 car — unfortunately the dealership gave him the wrong item — that means another trip for me into town – this time to BMW Fairfax since BMW Sterling didn’t actually have the part in stock. Pop’d the new fuel pump relay in my car and went for a spirited drive – SMG not fixed, car still dropping out of gear. Swapping SMG relays with the #67 car didn’t fix the issue. I noticed during the day that anytime I had my key in the ignition my brake lights would come on – very odd – also we saw lateral G sensor errors on the Autologic but didn’t know what to make of them. More on that at the end of this post.

Long story short I didn’t end up getting any driving in the #72 car during the weekend. Mary was generous enough to give up one of her sessions and let me drive the #67 car with her as a passenger Sunday afternoon. I wasn’t able to go any quicker than she was, but I did take turn 3 quicker than her – so quick in fact she didn’t think we were going to make the turn! haha, we did – and now she knows she can go quicker through that corner! Ride alongs are great!

The #72 car parked between Eric Wong’s Multiple Tracks Record Holding E36 M3 and the #67 car — where it sat parked most of the weekend 😦

We had another event planned for the next weekend with no ability to cancel – so to the RRT Racing shop the #72 went for an all out troubleshooting spree. Was it wiring that got knocked loose? After all this was the first time on the new race stiff springs – seemed logical. Or a broken SMG component? The #67 car was left at the shop as a donor parts car – any suspected bad part could be taken off the #67 and tried on the #72 before purchasing. After 2 days and many hours, Wayne FOUND THE PROBLEM! If you can believe this it was the brake pressure sensor.

HUH? How can the brake pressure switch cause the car to come out of gear in corners? It’s all in the SMG safety programming code.

Car sliding (high speed corner) – CHECK
Foot Mashed on Gas Pedal (on race track trying to go fast) – CHECK
Foot Mashed on Brake Pedal (broken brake pressure sensor) – CHECK

Car ECU & SMG programming thinking you are about to wreck and taking the car out of gear – PRICELESS!

(ok maybe not priceless, but sure was frustrating!)


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