June18 – Summit Point Main – FATT

Today was a FATT event (Friday At The Track), the day before Hyperfest. I was very excited to get this extra track time and an excellent paddock parking spot for the Hyperfest weekend because we had just finished upgrading my spring setup from a street/track to a purely track spring setup including a true rear coilover setup and adding a Ground Control front bar.

Eric Wong had come out to the track that Friday with me – He was going to take me out in the car with him driving for a session, make sure the car was feeling good, then ride along and coach me the rest of the day.

Eric was still parking and unloading his trailer when it was time for the first session so I went out alone to warm up the car and my brain. Half way through the first session the car started taking itself out of gear everytime I went around a high speed corner!?! Ultimately the car stalled on track and would not start. I got my first tow back to the paddock – the first of many I’m sure, hahaha

SMG woes– or so I thought. I spent the rest of the day troubleshooting the car, even went as far as to drive back to RRT and borrow their autologic diagnostic tool. Sourced a replacement SMG control relay, new fuel pump relay and a few other bits, none of which fixed the problem, car was still jumping out of gear on high speed turns.

NOT the best FATT ever.