May15-16 – Summit Point Main – PCA

Back at Summit Point, our home track. Since we were at a Porsche Club event and massively outnumbered the BMW M3’s grouped together. We arrived early and I quickly slid the trailer into a parking spot longways back just far enough we could all line up together – what a nice showing of BMW’s!

With a few more days under my belt I’m now getting a better feel for the modifications we made to the car this past winter and am ready to shave more time off my previous best lap. Caesar and Preeth were down from New Jersey in their E46 M3’s it was the first event we’ve run together since meeting last fall at NJMP. I knew both of them would be fast, but this is my home track 😉

We started out with some lead/follow – After a few laps Caesar was stuck to my bumper like glue so I let him pass me and he disappeared! Caeser with headers, exhaust, 4.10 gears on BGF’s v/s my stock car (less suspension & cage) was no match! Caesar ended the weekend turning a 1:24.x bettering his previous time by multiple seconds – I managed a 1:25.x nearly a second quicker than my last visit in April so I was quite happy.

Here are a few more paddock shots – Thanks for the great pics Caesar!!!


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