April 3 – FATT – Summit Point Shenandoah

Mary writes:

It’s my 2nd event of the 2010 season!

We’re heading out to the Shenandoah track at Summit Point for the FATT “Saturday” event. It’s my first time out in the silver car with the new vinyl and my first event with Kyle’s new “giant” trailer!

I drive out separately- he needs to get a hitch that is safe to tow both cars- this means a few extra zzzz’s for me! 🙂

The weather this time is so much better than our time at Main a few weeks ago- the paddock is active-we have friends sectioned off in our area- we are looking forward to a great day of sunshine and driving. I am very excited that my old boss, Greg and his wife Linda, are here for their very first event. I am also participating in my 1st “passing anywhere” event. Sure- I admit that I am nervous about it- will I be good enough? Kyle assures me that I will be fine!

Brian, my instructor for the 2nd time, wants me to try some new lines from what I was used to last year. It’s always interesting to get new perspectives. I suppose that depending on the car each person drives truly dictates what is best for them. I like to absorb as much information from everyone that I can.

Session 2- Brian approaches with a new instructor- he wants to get me signed off solo for the rest of the day. Mark (I think) has some different- some the same- suggestions- he comments that he drives a different type of car. Ultimately- I am signed off.

I am so excited to take this next step onto the anywhere passing on my own but still a bit timid-I think it only took about 30 seconds for me to realize- “Right on”- this is exactly where I belong! I am now picking up speed and confidence as I am trying to catch and pass everyone wherever I can! It’s amazing how comfortable I feel in this setting! No fear!

It’s true that I did let a few passes happen- of course, Kyle (I saw him quickly approach my rear view mirror 2x- bummer!) But all in all- I think that I did a great job at holding my own and doing a lot of passing too.

I noticed that when I lined up behind Kyle for our last session there were people pointing and noticing the “NocabRacing” on our cars- I would like to think that we looked cool up there! Ha! I was very proud to think of us starting this whole adventure just last July and how far we have come- how many new friends we have made- how much more we look forward to for the new season- and how much I wish that everyone could experience the feeling I get when I drive!

We hung out with David-Will-Paulie-Lev-Greg and Linda- and a visit from Ron. Being Greg’s 1st event, the best part was his email 2 days later talking about how he woke up thinking about driving the line and trying to get better. Who hasn’t driven the track at night in replace of counting sheep to fall asleep? I have!!

Oh yeah, this is my first time with a camera! Fun for me that Kyle put part of my last session on Utube! NASA on Main….stay tuned….Season 2010!! Look forward to seeing you there!


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