March 13 – FATT – Summit Main

It’s the first event for season 2010!! Summit Main!

The forecast is rain, rain, and more rain- oh no! I battled with the emotions of being so excited to getting back on the track and at the same time a bit nervous knowing that it was basically 100% chance of rain all day. I have been out in “partial” rain but this sounded challenging.

I had signed up for the FATT event to be in group 2i- my 1st time for passing anywhere. I was worried that this might be too soon although Kyle encouraged me that I was ready. Well, as it turned out, they had placed me into group 1- then of course I was offended- Ha!

The paddock is very empty today. It’s almost hard to believe that there is an event. Little did I know at the time that this was more of blessing to have an empty track.
The 1st session out- a new instructor- I’ve been spoiled with having someone who knows how I drive and what I am capable of (Uncle Al). My instructor tells me before we go that this is the time to become reacquainted with the track.

At the end I feel like it was “ok” but wondered if this day would be wasted due to the rain. Everyone was being overly cautious, including me. He claps at the end and tells me that I clearing remembered- my line was right on.

Session 2- I am still cautious but starting to quickly feel that I can push more. I’m frustrated that I am still feeling timid. I am very comfortable when I am sliding around the turns on dry road (actually- I love when that happens!) but realize that on this wet road- it is very unpredictable. Yellow flag- someone is off the track and at the fence- bummer for him. Black flag is out- he is cleared, and we are off again- speed is increasing in the rain. Instructor tells me he is working the skid pad in the afternoon and I will have someone new. Ugh- another new instructor. I should welcome this prefer someone who knows my strengths and weaknesses.

Back in the paddock- girlfriend of the guy parked next to me approaches. She asks if I was driving the silver M3- she comments that I was going fast and inquires about how long I’ve been doing this. Another female interested in getting involved. I encourage her to go for it!

Session 3- Comfort level increases and picking up more speed. The only real comment from my instructor is how much he likes my car. I must be doing well- not much direction that he needed to provide. He tells me at the end that I should be in Group 2 and that he wants me to have yet another instructor who can also sign me over to Group 2 for the next event that I do with FATT. Yay! Finally moving on up!

Session 4- On to instructor # 3 for the day! Geez! Why can’t I hang on one guy here- are they that intimidated with my skills?? Haha-(seems to be a common theme ) Again- he is not commenting much on my driving other than telling me that I seem to know what I’m doing, I should be in Group 2, and, oh yeah, he really likes my car (great breaks and tires in the rain)! Thanks Kyle!

So as the day ends- I turn in my “report card” and I am confirmed to finally be in Group 2 for my next FATT event! All in all- I was glad that I chose to drive in the rain; I was able to actually walk away with that driving rush that I had hoped for but will still look forward to the next event of sunny dry weather when I can challenge my track times from last year and continue to move up.

Kyle is out on track this year with his newly modified car- 8 point cage, racing seats, suspension, and tires. Clearly he has the advantage but let’s see how well my “skills” can compete as the underdog! We shall see… Go Team NocabRacing!!!


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