2009/2010 Winter Season – Feb – Build Update II

A couple updates for a Feb end of the month. Got a set of the 275x35x18 Toyo R888 scrubs mounted up on the new ARC8 wheels.

Couldn’t fit my finger between the tire and the front spring and was afraid of the tire rubbing the spring when cornering forces were in affect so I ordered a set of 5mm spacers from Bimmerworld for the fronts.

5mm spacers

To make wheel/tire changes easier and quicker I also got a set of 75mm Bulletnose wheel studs and nuts (in black).

75mm Bulletnose Wheel Studs & Nuts

A few pics of the car in the shop with wheels mounted, no negative camber added yet, will start with at least 3 degrees in the front and 1.5 – 1.8 degrees in the rear. In these pictures the rears have a 12mm spacer just to push the wheel out for cosmetic purposes in the pics. If I want to run the 12mm spacers for a wider track we will need to do some fender rolling.

Pop’d the black & white center caps into the wheels as well (which match the black & white roundels I added to the car in 2009).

Wheels, Studs & CenterCaps
Front Wheel

Rear Wheel

Also had time Wednesday night to test fit the driver seat & harness and prepare for installing the harness mounting hardware.


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