2009/2010 Winter Season – Dec – Build Update

Having done what I felt were the minimal safety, braking and handling mods during the 2009 season, the 2009/2010 winter was going to be first year offseason major mods.

Time to ditch the street capable but “too soft for the track” M3 suspension.

I chose the fully upgradeable AST 5100’s (upgradeable to double adjustable 5200’s or triple adjustable 5300’s) and Vorshlag camber-caster plates. These will keep the tires on the ground where they can GRIP!

(For those of you who know your BMW’s, you’ll recognize these as 5100’s for an E36 because I couldn’t find a good picture of the E46 5100’s)

Wanted adjustable camber in the rear to complement the suspension, Turner Motorsports had race developed, highly recommended Adjustable Rear Camber Arm Kit.

Light-Weight Wheels

Light weight but strong wheels were purchased from APEX Racing, their newly designed ARC-8 in Hyper Black. 18×9.5 all around to be wrapped in 275/35/18 r-compound stickiness.

18×9.5 +35et Hyper Black

Other color Choices for the ARC-8’s
(Mary chose Hyper Silver for her Silver M3)

My first choice for an entry level R-compound tire would have been the Toyo RA-1, but since I couldn’t find any scrubs/take offs in the RA-1 compound and was able to find a good deal on a dozen Toyo R888’s I grabbed them to break my teeth in with R-Comps.

Seats, Harnesses & HANS
Pushing the car through highspeed corners with the stock 3point safety belts results in sore knees from bracing yourself against the side of the car and wasted energy, before you even consider the lack of safety a 3 point best provides during a high speed impact or rollover. Since we will frequently be going twice the speed typically done on the street, a proper harness belt setup was my desire.

You can’t just bolt in a 6point racing harness with stock seats though, nor can you get a 6 point harness w/out a harness bar or cage to attach it to. That means racing seats and ultimately a cage (See Feb Build Update for Cage Pics).

I headed off the OGRacing’s store front, remembering they have many racing seats on display so I could sit in various styles and pick one I liked but more importantly that fit me properly, width & height.

I ended up choosing the RaceTech 4009 seats, Schroth Hybrid III for HANS Belts and a lightweight (Carbon Fiber) HANs device.

RaceTech 4009

Schroth 6Pt Racing Harnesses

Carbon Fiber HANS Device


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