Oct31-Nov1 – Summit Point Main – PCA

Halloween Weekend… my first event on Summit Main.

I am so excited yet a bit nervous for finally having the opportunity to get away from Shenandoah.

Kyle has been here several tmes and the competitve nature in me makes me feel timid about being able to master this track as well as him.

Thankfully I have requested Alan Herod as my instructor, so I am instantly feeling better about my learning curve. I feel very comfortable with Alan in the passenger seat to guide me towards excellence!

Day 1 was not too bad, learning the track in real life as opposed to the iRacing- (which is great for learning what to expect in turns but understand it’s not true to driving the real track).

Day 2 – much more confident- reviewed traqmate data- compare mine to Kyle’s data- now I see where I can make up time, gas more, break less, coast less. I am better in some segments, he is better in others- we learn from each others data. I take away from this where I can improve and put it to the test on Sunday.

Alan gives me the solo for my last run and I hit my top lap speed of 1:34! I think I just beat Kyle’s best! I am very excited- underdog as a girl with less time on the track. It wasn’t about beating Kyle’s time- more about wanting him to be proud of me for kicking ass as a great driver!

Happy Halloween!


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