Nov14-15 – VIR – PCC-ACNA

Mary writes:

Finally! VIR!
I have heard so much about this- we are staying above the garages; I think this is so cool!

Alan and Sally invite us to dinner with on Friday and we meet more of the instructors- more Porsche people!

Day 1- Alan has been my instructor multiple times now- I have requested him for this event- so I feel very comfortable from the start. Again- I have memorized the track (turns) from iRacing. I truly appreciate that it is what it is- a video- and only useful for learning the turns but understand the being on the track is completely different!

Alan’s patience and calmness is as always-perfect! Yes- I am messing up on certain turns; doing better on others. I listen closely to his direction but still can’t seem to get turn 3- struggle over and over on this one. Hitting the snake when I am timid at first, realize that I can take it with much more power as he convinces me and then under the bridge and up through the S’s….on to turn 10! Now I am much more confident!

Not perfect with the Oak Tree but up the straight away- he keeps me on the gas….on the gas….wait..

Stay strong on the left, sharp right-strong-quick left- still on the gas, track out- quick mini tap- down into the hog’s pen (or as I call it the pig’s pen)- no breaking out right, on the gas….and out on the straight away! I can’t swear that is the way he described it but that is what I was doing! Ha!

Day 2-I looked at my data and Kyle’s- I know that I am losing time from 1 through 4. I hit all of this much better with Alan in the car- then out for the last time when I am solo…I got sloppy- I was trying too hard to beat the time- big mistake- I had 2 tires off a couple of times- scared myself!

Let Jamie in the other M and the Lotus pass me- tried to stay close though!
It was very cool that I was able to race around with the Lotus Elise most of the weekend having fun with passing each other/ challenging each other! My best time here was 2:24 flat! Not too shabby for my 15th day ever and 1st event at VIR…?

I can say that I walked away from this weekend as my last for the season feeling fulfilled!! And look forward to next season- hopefully I will meet more people during these events and make more friends!!


One Response to Nov14-15 – VIR – PCC-ACNA

  1. Richi says:

    How come I never heard about this blog before? LOL.
    I am getting a few $, maybe I can get on the track soon.

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