Sept26-27 – Summit Point Shenandoah – TrackDaze

My first “Track Daze” event! (by Mary)

We are on Shenandoah, a track that I felt very comfortable with after having 3 previous days here. Before arriving, my plan is to tell my instructor (Zac) that I want to be signed off for my first time solo session. He seemed impressed early on with my “skills”- I guess the silence in the car was a sign that I was doing everything right…? Yep- after my 2nd session he informed that I would be on my own! Yay!

Dave takes my next session- again- no speaking!- final approval-thumbs up-I’m on my own! Signed off!

Mary - First - Solo - Sticker

I remember telling Kyle only a few weeks ago that I could never imagine being on the track alone- even if I knew what I was doing- there is something about having someone sitting next to you as a security blanket “just in case”. Well go figure- I had sooo much more fun alone and had no fear at all!

After day 1- we realize that my front right tire is chewed up. We take my car home that night to change the front tires and it occurs to us that the DSC has no business being on- especially at this track. I am feeling uneasy in the beginning about running with it off.

Day 2-No DSC! – What was I ever worried about!! No more fighting the car around turns and the rear dance is giving me so much more power- increases my speed. Kyle is timing my laps- I am easily keeping up with his time- he is in the Blue group.

I was the only girl in my group (yes, it was Green) and kicking butt! I guess growing up as a tom boy brought back the competiveness in me. I pushed every session as hard as I could, trying to win a race that didn’t exist. We made friends with a couple of other of guys in my group and I realized for the first time how much fun it was to try to out-do each other. What a rush! I’m approached by another instructor who asks if that was me in the “Silver M”- he said his student was very challenged by me!

As always, I take a couple of trips out with instructors- this is a huge benefit! I can only dream of being as ridiculously fast as them- bumper to bumper at high speed- making impossible turns at high speed without a 2nd thought! Gives me confidence (hopefully not more than I should be due at this stage) that I can do it too! Somehow after those experiences, I drive faster and much more confidently. If they can do it so can I…is Club racing in my future??


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