June2009 – Upgrades!

Many will take their completely stock street car to the track their first time, nothing wrong with that, but since I had been to the track once a few years ago, I knew I needed to have tires in good condition and brakes that would standup to the abuse of the frequent hard braking at the track.

Since the rear tires on the M3 weren’t in great condition and the fronts were new,  Michelin PS2 to match the front were ordered from TireRack.com and installed at the local Mr Tire.

The stock brakes on the E46 M3 are great for the street but I wanted something a little better to make sure we would be stopping at the end of those 140Mph straights before entering the sharp turn sure to follow!    I chose the Hawk HPS Pads having had a pretty good experience with the Hawk HP+ pads on my RX7 at the previous track day.  Hawk HPS on the track = CRAP with a 3400lb car going 120Mph+, brake fade after one hard bit of braking I find out, but oh well, you live and you learn.  To compliment the pads I chose to replace the stock rotors with M3 cross-drilled Euro Rotors and Racing Brake Fluid.

After my first event on the Hawk HPS’s and major brake fade I took the advice of my instructor who also owned an E46 M3, upgraded to Performance Friction 06 Compound pads and have never looked back!

Now that the car was ready for the track Mary and I needed a few essential items, starting with Helmets, so one Saturday we drove out to OGRacing.  I quickly found a white Bell M3 helmet on sale which fit my head (so many helmets to choose from and not much to distinguish them apart looking at them externally, M3 style sounded fitting since I was going to be driving a BMW M3).

Mary had a bit more difficulty finding a helmet that would fit her head, her head isn’t big like mine, hahaha.  Mary finally found a G-Force helmet that fit pretty well and added a headsock to make it snug.  HAHA, trying on the headsock in the store I thought she looked like she was ready to rob a bank!

Now with RRT, GForce, Hawk & OGRacing stickers we thought we outta slap a few on the side of the car to show off our suppliers of choice and add a few extra HP, LOL!

Silver M3 needed stickers!  Obnoxious stickers installed!


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