June 20, 2009 – ’03 M3 – Like I needed another car!

and it all started here…

I started talking about wanting to Race…started looking at car options for the track, the first question was 911 or M3?

Mary reminded me that during a trip to Paris I was talking to her via Video Conference and started rambling about wanting to go racing and wanting to buy a car for the track… I think she thought it was just one of my crazy ideas for the future…little did she know I already started looking at cars.

Then a few weeks later, we wake up on a Saturday morning and I ask her if she is ready to go, she asks, “where?”, I answer with a smirk, CAR SHOPPING!

I had found a silver ’03 BMW M3 with SMG and only 31k miles on it, which appeared to be in excellent mechanical condition but had a few cosmetic flaws, I thought perfect, need a good running car, but didn’t care about a few blemishes since the car was sure to get beat up on the track!  a few hours later we ended up driving that car home … and we were off to the races…

Silver '03 M3


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