July 12th – First AutoCross

Mary & Kyle @ Summit Point AutoCross with National Capital Chapter BMW

Our first event was going to be an AutoCross, of course neither of us really knew that autocross is NOTHING compared to a road course at speed, so we were very excited about getting the chance to try out this new beast in an environment off the street.

I was nervous about tech inspection since I didn’t know how close the techs would be looking at the car, turns out they just verified that the wheels didn’t feel like they were going to fall off, that the car was empty (so “things” wouldn’t fly around and hit you while you were tossing the car around on the autocross track), and verified that the throttle cable was unobstructed so it didn’t get stuck at WOT!  that would be a bit scary (have had it happen on the street before in my RX7).

I drove the first sessions, Mary drove the second sessions.

My sessions were uneventful, I tried to drive smooth but quick, think I ended up 7th for the day in our class.

When it was time for Mary to drive, we asked if I could ride along and instructor her since she had never done anything like this before and she was nervous about finding her way through the cones.  Nervous for a good reason!  We line up at the start and I tell her I’m going to let her drive through the course herself the first time and that I would stay quiet.  That lasted about 3 seconds when I realized that she completely drove OFF THE COURSE!  hahah, oops!  Here I am shouting and pointing, “The course is over there, go right through those cones over there and get back on the course!”  she was a bit embarrassed and I think we scared a few corner workers but no harm was done.  Her next 3 runs she got quicker and quicker and ended the day placing 8th in her class, just 1 second behind me.

after a fun and wet day at summit point auto-x we drove home a bit tired from the adrenaline and excitement.
Kyle AutoX
Kyle @ the AutoCross
Mary @ the AutoCross
Mary @ the AutoCross


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