July 25-26 – Summit Point Shenandoah – GWS

Mary’s first HPDE!  1 word … HOOKED! (I ended up buying a second M3 after this event so Mary and I didn’t have to share a car on driving weekends, hard on the car because it doesn’t get enough time to cool down.)


July 24 – Summit Point Main – FATT

FATT?  What’s FATT?

Friday @ The Track … of course!

I think this must have been a stub I put in for my first FATT event. What a great day to spend a Friday…at the track. Since Summit Point raceway is only an hour from home, makes it easy to roll out early Friday morning, spend the entire day on the track and get home for dinner!

July 13-14 – Summit Point Main w/TrackDaze

Kyle does his first HPDE in 5 years. I did a two day event with my RX-7 back in 2001, but this event started things off in a entirely new direction!